About Vihil

Empowering Women


Ms. Vihil Heather L. Vigil has over 20 years of experience in business, finance, executive development, mentoring and coaching from the Sacramento Valley to the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Vigil's specialized line of new work focuses on the empowerment of women ranging from new graduates, to mid-career professionals, business executives and women veterans, to survivors of sexual assault, those struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. 

Ms. Vihil H. Vigil brings her plethora of experience to coach and uplift her clients through educational workshops, online and live uplifting group goal planning sessions, one-to-one coaching programs and more by way of Therapeutic Empowerment, a coaching based therapeutic practice focused on working with women to unleash their true potential by recognizing the past, successfully managing the current and planning for the future!  

A native of the Sacramento Valley Vihil is a United States Navy Veteran, a previous non-profit program director, senior business analyst and project management professional for several campuses of the University of California. Vihil is a graduate of Humboldt State University in Northern California, received an MBA from Ashford University, gained holistic health coach training from the Health Coach Institute and continues to advance her knowledge and credentials by attending such courses as Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist credential from Achology Ltd. | The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology while she works towards her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Through The Vigil Center for the Arts and The Voices Project Vihil empowers individuals by compiling their stories in printed anthologies such as 

Voices de Queer Femmes, Voices of Youth, Voices of the Feminine, Voices of Queer Parents and Voices of a Generation.

Ms. Vihil H. Vigil is CEO, Writer and Editor in Chief for Magistra Magazine whose focus resonates to Empower Women by Encouraging Expression through highlighting successful women in business and women entrepreneurs, telling their stories of success, and documenting their encouragement to others. 

Published author Ms. Vigil has written two books "Not Without My Coffee" and "100 Affirmations Inspired by Women Empowerment Coaches." Books are available under the Empowerment Reading tab. 

Ms. Vigil is currently working on a new book on Improving Wellness in a Corporate Environment and by request has added Corporate Wellness Program Developer to her line of sought after work.

Vihil is a survivor.


United States Navy Veteran


Quartermaster Petty Officer Third Class, Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, participated in multiple overseas deployments.

Humboldt State University


Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Museum & Gallery Practices, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) & Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credentialing.

Ashford University


Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, case studies in international business practices focusing on women's rights.

Health Coach Institute


Healthy Coach training and certification with Health Coach Institute. 

Achology Ltd


Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist credential from Achology Ltd. | The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. 

Therapeutic Empowerment


Coaching and working with clients continues to allow me to grow, learn and increase my ability and skill levels to continue to help women to feel empowered!